Saturday, April 14, 2018

Course update

     It has been a month since my last post.  I better get you all caught up on what has been happening on the golf course.  The weather has been the biggest set back for me and my staff.  Lots of rain and cool temperatures in March that carried into April.  We have seen 7 inch of rain since the first of March.  Despite the weather we did get some project completed.  The biggest project completed was our green aerification.
   We deep drilled 3/4'' holes 10'' deep on a 5''x5'' spacing. 
 We then came back over with our Pro Core and punch a 3/8'' holes on 2'' centers.

     The next big project we got done was some much need Irrigation on the forward tee on # 13.  That tee was built many years ago without irrigation.  We have had a hard time keeping good turf on the tee during drought years.  Now we will be able to grow some very good Zoysia on this tee.  The tee still needs some sod work done to it.  So please be careful stay out of the mud enter the tee from the rear.  We will sod it next week when it dries down.
 Trenching in new control wires for 13 tee
Tim finishing up wiring new heads up.

     Last winter we were going through the bunker renovation and we had a few issues with our Irrigation on hole # 6.  The construction company hit our irrigation system in 3 different places in front of # 6 green.  They tore up pipe and control wires that control individual sprinkler heads.  We were in charge of putting everything back together so we thought.  It was winter when we made the repairs so we had no way to check our work.  When we turned the irrigation system on we found out that 2 stations worked partially and 2 other stations did not work at all.  It took some time but we figured out what was wrong.  We did not get 1 control wire hook back up correctly.  We had to do a little trenching in front of 6 green in 2 place and reconnect the wires. Now everything is back to normal all stations working correctly.  I have the areas marked as ground under repair.  Please do not walk or drive inside of the white paint.  With the rain we received you could sink or mess up the sod.

 We trenched new control wire
 New wire installed and covered up
Sod relayed back over trench.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Burning Prairie

     On Thursday we burned the Prairie between 4 fairway and 5 tee's.  It was a little damp it took about 2.5 hours to burn.  We need to do this every other year. Burning rejuvenates the prairie by removing excess leaf litter and duff allowing more plants to flower, produce seed and grow taller.  It also increases available nutrients through indirect stimulation of microbial activity in the soil and releasing nutrients from the ash.  Burning exposes the darkened soil and allows sunlight to warm the soil quicker and extend the growing season for warm season native plants.  The fire also suppresses many weeds and non native invasive cool season grass.  Below is a video and pictures of the burn.

The grasses crackle when burning and  it gets extremely hot.


Saturday, March 10, 2018

# 13 Brush pile progress

     We have been busy last couple of days cleaning up the brush pile  to the  south of 13 tees.  We used a Track hoe to pull out the large trees and brush.  We made some good progress.  The brush pile is not as tall. We still have to clean up more brush.  When we are done burning the brush we will plant some Ornamental grasses along the wood line to help hide the remaining brush. 

 Track hoe moving trees.
This is what it looks like now.  Brush pile almost gone.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


     We have been very busy the past couple of weeks.  The rain we received was a welcome relief.  We received 6 inches of rain the last 2 weeks of February.  It took us 4 day to clean up the golf course from the rain storms.  We had limbs and debris down all over the course.  Despite all of the rain we were able to get a lot done on the course.  We sprayed all fairways and most of the roughs with pre-emergent herbicide.  The Hickory tree on the back right of # 1 green has been removed.  This tree was out competing the cool season turf for water.  This will give the cool season turf a chance now.  We have already mowed our greens 4 times This year.  We started to remove the brush pile from the clearing that was done last year down at 13 tees.  We will need 2 - 3 full days with a track hoe to get the brush pile cleaned up.  We are cleaning up the edge of the woods with our Rough Cut deck.  We are cutting the invasive Bush Honeysuckle.  This plant has become a very big problem in Missouri.  Bush Honeysuckle will choke out our hardwood forest if left to grow.  We removed the bridge down on 13.  We will be replacing the bridge this spring.  We helped the Clubhouse staff with the new tables and chairs.  Kaley has been very busy cleaning up her beds and burning the Ornamental Grasses.  The Green House is full of plants she is growing for this season. Rob has been busy in the shop.  Reel mowers have been sharpened.  Rough mower decks have been rebuilt and are ready to mow rough this spring.

 Spraying pre-emergent on fairways.
 Mowing greens first time 2/15/18.
 Removing Hickory tree back right 1 green.
 Working on brush pile # 13.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


     Some of you might wonder what do we do when it is bitter cold  or wet.  If we can't get out on the course we stay busy refurbishing our golf course accessories.  Tee block, water coolers, bird houses, trash receptacles, and spike cleaners all get fixed and fresh paint or stain is applied. Winter is the time Rob goes through all of the equipment getting it ready for the next mowing season.  All  mowing reels and decks are torn down repaired and sharpened.  We stay very busy in the winter getting everything ready for the next golfing season. 
 Kyle staining Water Coolers
 4 down 3 to go.

 Fresh coat of paint on Tee blocks
Rob working on Ventrac decks

Fairway mowers reels all sharp and ready for 2018 season.

Driving Range Fence


     We have completed the Driving Range fence.  This has been a long time consuming project.  My staff and I are thrilled to have this project behind us.  The new fence will save us a considerable amount of labor looking for balls lost in the woods.  This  will also save the club money on lost balls.  We buy 300 dozen range balls every 2 years.  Hopefully we can cut that in half. 
 Attaching netting to post


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hazard Marker

     You may of noticed our hazard markers are looking better.  We are using a planer to restoring them to new.  It does not take much to clean up the old faded color.  Hazard makers cost $8 each.  This will save us  a few bucks. If we can only keep the squirrels from eating them.  Here is a picture below to show the difference.

Faded markers looks pink.  Couple passes through the planer they look new again.