Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nematode update

     I was hoping I had good new concerning the nematode problem we have been dealing with the last few years.  I have been using a newer nematicide called Nimitz to control the Lance nematodes we have in our greens.  After 2 applications we still have damage from the nematode.  I ran a test on one of the thin areas and Lance nematodes were 5 times over the threshold.  Dr. Miller from University of Missouri said he has not seen any samples that high.  So it looks like the new product is not working.  The good news is days are getting shorter and temperatures are not as hot.  We should get through the rest of the season with minimal damage.  We have 10 greens with some sort of damage.  The round patches dying is where the nematode counts are the most severe.  I do have one more application of Nimitz to apply.  I can only hope we get some sort of control from it.  We will put it down after we aerate greens in 2 week.  The greens I applied Nemacur to are doing much better than the greens that did not get any.  Greens 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, all got Nemacur, with holes 4, 5, and 11 getting two apps of Nemacur.  Nemacur is no long available and I do not have anymore.  Going forward we will be using a product called Nortica this fall and next spring.  Nortica is a Bacteria that protects the roots from Nematodes. It does not kill the nematode It keeps them from feeding on the roots.  All trials have been very good from the University of Florida.  Dr. Crow said it does work.  It is a preventative control and has to be applied before you have problems.  Dr. Crow also has a new trial out on Lance nematode control.  Hopefully we get a new nematicide out the trial that will control this pest.

 # 16 green
# 14 green

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Busy Busy Busy

     August came in and the temperatures dropped. My staff and our greens were very glad to see the cooler temps. Before the cooler weather arrived we solid tine all of our greens.  This helps our greens get through hot and wet summer stress periods.  We started using our Aerway to aerate our fairways.  The Aerway cuts a 7 inch deep slit.  We have 3 holes left to get done.  Rain the last week has slowed down our progress. Next week we will be over seeding all of our greens with Pure Distinction bentgrass.  This is the newest generation of bentgrass seed.  We over seeded last year 3 times.  I hope to over seed this year 2 times.  We are also gearing up to start over seeding our roughs.  This takes about 2 months to complete.  We will be over seeding turf type tall fescue and bluegrass into all of our roughs.  We have started to work on the big oak tree that fell across the fence on hole # 12.  I hope to have it cleaned up by the end of next week.   Lastly we will be doing fall green aerification the Tuesday and Wednesday after Labor day,  9/5/17 and 9/6/17. I will have a little more on aerification later.  The golf course is in good shape I hope you can come on out and enjoy the course.

Nick using aerator to solid tine greens

 This is our Aerway
Fairway after Aerway.

Tee Leveling update

     All laser leveled tees are open. 1 white, 4 red/gold, 7 white, 7 blue/black, 10 red/gold, 14 black, and 15 white.  They have turned out great.  We now have a lot more square footage of teeing area to hit from.  We still need to do a lot of topdressing to smooth them out.  They will be a little uneven for a few months.  By next season they should be just like the other tees.

The first group to hit off new level black tee # 7

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

4 more tees leveled

     We have been busy this week.  We leveled 4 more tees.  We were suppose to do 3 tees but the sod company gave us too much sod so we add one more tee.  We did save a little money.  So 1 white, 7 white 14 black and 15 white have been leveled.  # 1 white is big enough to hold the white and gold tees. This is a very labor intensive job.  It takes almost the entire crew to get this job done.  We have to clean all the old sod off the tees with scoop shovels.  Then we have to lay new sod.  It seems every time we lay sod it is hot.  I guess that is pour planning by the boss.  I would like to thank my staff for a great job.  In about 2 to 3 weeks the new tees will be open.   Here are some pictures of the progress.

 Cutting off old sod
 Picking up old sod
 Schaefer-Meyer tilling up tee
 Laserturf machine grading proper pitch into tee.
 Level tee
Sodded and level tee.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Tee aerifaction

     We have been busy trying to get our tee's aerified.  We actually started last week but had a break down and had to stop for 3 days until we could get the parts to fix our aerifier.  We have 6 holes left to complete.  We will finish them on Monday.  We use a 1/2 inch tine on 2.5 inch centers.  This pulls up quite a bit of material to be removed.  I would like to thank my staff for there hard work getting this important cultural practice completed.  It takes 8 people to aerify and clean up the tees.

 Nick aerifying tee.
 Cleaning off tee

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bermuda grass eradication update

     These are the holes we are spraying to kill bermuda grass this season. Fairways, 7, 8, 18,  Tees 1- 4,  Green surrounds and collars 3, 7, 8.  We might expand this to other areas we will let you know if any extra areas are treated.   Remember this will kill only the bermuda grass our zoysia and fescue will not be killed.  The zoysia, bentgrass and fescue will turn slightly yellow but will be ok.  We need 3 treatments this year and 3 more treatments next year.  At the moment you can see a little injury to the Bermuda grass on 7, 8, and 18 fairways.  So far only # 1 tees have been sprayed. The remaining tees will be sprayed this week.  We will be spraying Green surrounds and collars in late August early September.

Notice the brown is bermuda.  Foreground has not been sprayed.  You can see some discoloring of the zoysia.  Zoysia will grow out of the herbicide damage.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Divot pattern

  The right and wrong way to practice on our Driving Range tee.  Please use the linear method.  If you see someone not using the linear method please educate them on the proper way to take a divot off our practice tee. 

 This picture was taken on 6/26/17
 Same spot 7/19/17.  3 weeks almost completely healed