Monday, June 19, 2017

Venting Greens

Summer is here so we are being proactive with our greens.  We are venting the greens today.  Venting is solid tine aeration.  We are using a very small diameter tine and punching holes into the greens.  This allows for better gas exchange in the root zone.  It also helps dry out the root zone when we get too much rain. We need oxygen in the root zone and CO2 to get out of the root zone.  Excessive heat and too much rain can cause some serious problems with the greens.  This will help us get through tough weather conditions.  We will vent greens every month thru August.  This cultural practice takes about 6 hours to complete and it takes 4 people.  We begin by aerating the green, then we mow green, we lightly topdressing green and finally we roll the green.  When we are finished you can hardly see holes.  In couple days you won't see holes at all.

Nick Venting greens
Left side of flag has not been rolled.  Right side has been rolled.  Holes will be gone in couple days

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Clearing # 8

     We finished clearing some under brush on # 8 ditch.  We have had some complaints about being penalized twice when hitting your tee shot into the hazard on hole 8.  After taking your drop you had no way to advance ball towards green.  We removed 5 small trees and limb up 3 bigger trees so you could at least punch a shot towards 8 green.  Here are some before and after pictures.

 Before small trees removed
 Trimming large limb

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Yellow Dots on Greens

     You might have notice the yellow dots going around the outside of the putting green surface.  We are trying to realign our collars and greens.  Over the year our collars and greens have increased or decreased in size.  Most of the areas the greens have gotten smaller so we are pushing the green out.  Our Collars are suppose to be 24 inches wide.  They are anywhere from 24 inches to 36 inches wide.
We took our Walking Green mower and mowed out the green to the yellow dot.  We might have increased green size from a few inches to a foot or more.  Below is the collar on # 17 green.

Black arrow is outside edge of collar.  Red arrow is new edge of green.  White arrow was the old green edge.  We moved green out about 8 inches.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tree care

     We lost one of the locust trees down by the ditch on # 9.  The tree closest to 18 did not green up this year.   We cut it down and cleaned it up today.  We also lost  a Elm tree on # 10 rough next to cart path.  We will try to get it clean up this week.  We have the 3 trees that blew over from the recent storms we have clean up.  One on # 5,  one on # 10 and the big oak on # 12.  The tree on # 12 will take some time to get clean up.  We also cleaned up a Hickory tree on # 2 that blew over last Friday.  This tree work is piling up.  Every time it rains we get nervous here at Maintenance. 

Locust tree between 9 and 18

Hickory tree right rough # 2

Sunday, May 21, 2017

New Bunkers

      Our bunkers have finally been tested.  The storm that came through last Friday into Saturday gave us 3 inches of rain.  This was a lot of water that came in a short time.  We did have some washing on a few of our bunkers. What little washing we did have will only take about an extra 15 minutes to fix.  We will have bunkers fixed in less than 2.5 hours.  That was unheard of before the bunker project.  The old bunkers would of been messed up for at least one week.  After 3 inches of rain you can still play out of the bunkers in most areas.  Here are some pictures of the bunkers that washed.

 #1 washed on back side.  This was the worst washout.
 #2 Fairway bunker.
 # 10 right bunker
# 18 minimal washing.  Remember this was one of the worst bunkers to wash.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Driving Range

     We have some new equipment at the Driving Range this season.  No more pyramids.  We now have replica Peach Boxes to hold our balls.  Each box will hold 300 golf balls.  That is twice as much as the pyramids.  I believe you will like them.  We will be making more changes to the equipment soon. 

 New recycled lumber peach boxes.
They hold over 300 balls.

Driving Range Tee

    The grass tee at the Driving Range will be open today.  Please remember to follow our Driving Range Etiquette.  Use the linear method to hit your balls.  Fill your linear divot line with sand when finished.  The turf can heal a lot faster if you use the Linear method.  Grass tee will be closed on all Mondays.  Please use the Mat on Mondays. 

Please use Linear Method

We will have a sign made for the Tee.

This is not what we want.  This will take 1 month or longer to heal.

This is not what we want.

This is correct.  This will recover in about 2 weeks or less.