Thursday, February 23, 2017

# 6 Construction

     Here is aerial view of the new construction on hole # 6.  As you can see this hole has completely changed.

 Right bunker has been moved back about 20 yards.
The left bunker has moved back and to the right.  Approach will now be coming up right side of green.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

# 1 Bunker is completed

     Schaefer-Meyer sodded the bunker on # 1 today.  The new bunkers is a huge improvement  You can actually see the bunker from 150 yards away from green. That only leaves bunkers on holes 2, 4, 5, and 6 to finish.  We still have a little work to do around some Irrigation heads.  Dave Dobsch poured another section of cart path on # 9.  Schaefer-Meyer also was back filling the path on # 10.  We hope to have # 10 cart path open by Friday.  Here is pictures of # 1.

 Removing old sand
 Final touches
 Laying sod

Monday, February 20, 2017

New Construction

     It has been awhile since my last post.  We have been extremely busy on the course.  The warm temperatures and no moisture has forced me to turn on the irrigation system one month a head of schedule.  I have been in this business for 31 years and I have never pressurized my Irrigation system in February.  With all the new sod we had no choice.
     Schaefer Meyer has been busy.  We have # 1 ready for sod.  # 2 is shaped and ready for the liner.  It will be ready for sod by Wednesday.  # 4 and #5 have been shaped and edged.  # 6 is roughed in.  Art Schaupeter will be here tomorrow to give final approval or changes on holes 2, 4, 5 and 6. 
     Dave Dobsch has been busy pouring the new cart paths on # 9 and 10.  He has completed the new path with drains on # 10. He started pouring # 9 today.  It will take him the rest of the week to finish #9.
     You could not have asked for better weather.  I am optimistic that Schaefer Meyer will be done by end of next week barring any unforeseen problems or weather delays.  The new changes are really looking good.  If you have not been out for awhile it would be worth your time to come and take a look.  Here are a few pictures of the progress.

Edging # 1 bunker

Sand installation #1
# 2 bunkers

# 4 bunkers
# 6 bunkers
Cart Path # 9

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Construction

     Please play all new construction as Ground Under Repair until further notice .  The new sod is not established yet.  We have a numerous places the sod has been torn up because people are playing shots off the sod.  Please retrieve your ball and drop no closer to hole.  When you retrieve your ball please do not walk down slopes walk around slopes and retrieve your ball on the low side if at all possible.  I know this is a inconvenience but you must give this new construction time to heal.   Thanks you for your cooperation.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

# 1 bunker

     The right bunker on # 1 is coming along.  Its has been shaped and edged.  Schaefer-Meyer is  done with it just waiting for Art Schaupeter to come and approve it.  If he approves it we can install drain lines,  liner, sand and sod. 

Finishing touches right bunker # 1

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Construction update

     A lot has been happening the last couple of days.  Schaefer-Meyer has been busy taking out the cart paths on holes 9 and 10.  Drains have been installed on # 10 and we have started to pour the new path.  This path was in serious trouble we had voids under the path two feet deep in places.  On # 9 Schaefer-Meyer has installed new catch basins on the last half of the cart path and has began to trench in the drain lines on the first half.  # 9 also had some severe washouts under the path.  We are replacing 1200 feet of cart path between the two holes.  Here are some pictures of the progress.

This is void under # 9 path

Looking up toward green # 9 path. Notice the erosion in the middle

Grading # 9

This is the ditch cut under # 10 path

 Pouring the new path # 10

New path from bridge all the way to the forward tee # 10

Monday, January 30, 2017

Turfgrass facts

     Here is some facts about turfgrass from  Mark Grundman of Jacklin Seed Company.  This is amazing.  Golf Courses have a huge benefit to the environment.  Do the math we have about 70 acres of maintained turf on this golf course alone.  That is over 1300 families we produce oxygen for and the cooling effect is the same as 1300 home air conditioners.  If someone tells you golf courses are bad for the environment here is some ammunition to tell them different.

Twelve Benefits of Natural Grass By Mark Grundman
1. Oxygen Generation.

2. Soil Erosion Control.

3. Dust Stabilization.

4. Water Filtration and Purification.

5. Rainwater Entrapment For Groundwater Replenishment

6. Flood Control.

7. Restoration of Disturbed Soils.

8. Urban Heat Dissipation and Temperature Reduction.

9. Glare Reduction.

10. Reduced Smog Pollution. 11. Decreased Allergy Related Pollens. 12. Noise Abatement.
Quotes of the Month from Mark Grundman

-"One acre of grass produces more oxygen than an acre of rainforest."

-"A 60,000 ft2 athletic field produces enough oxygen for 24 families."

-"That same field has the cooling capacity of 24 air conditioned homes."

-"Bluegrass produces 5000 pounds of organic matter per acre per year."

-"Look for grasses that will reduce overall management costs."