Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving


     On this day of Thanksgiving we pause and take a moment to be grateful for all our blessings: the freedom which this great country provides, the opportunity for growth and achievement, good health and the confidence and trust you have given to us. I can  speak for my entire staff, everyone here truly loves and cares for Franklin County Country Club. Our best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Bunker update

     Drainage and pea gravel has been installed in 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, bunkers.  We have started to place liners into bunkers.  We have 10 and 11 finished.  Rain has stopped the liner installation.  We will pick back up on Friday.  Liners are important they keep subgrade from coming up into sand.  Bunkers will be completely enclosed with liner.  Sod line will come right down to 4 inch edge.  Sod will say over part of the liner.  This will keep our bunkers clean.  Here are a few pictures of my staff installing liner.  From a distance looks like we have white sand in our bunkers.  Sorry for the illusion. I would have loved to use white sand but that would have added $50,000 to the cost of the project.

# 11 before liner
Installing liner
 # 10 laying liner in right bunker
 For every 1,120 sq. ft. roll of liner you need to nail 1000  6 inch staples to hold liner in place.
 Right bunker # 10 completed
# 10 bunkers

Saturday, November 19, 2016

12 green 13 tee's

    If you have been out playing golf this past week you have seen the clearing being done behind 12 green and around 13 tee's.  This is being done by the Villa's.  They are clearing the under brush and dead and soft wooded trees.  They also need to make some repairs to the lake dam.  All healthy hardwood trees on our property were flagged and saved.  They will fix the ditch that runs through the area.  When finished this will look much better.  The most important part of this is the prevailing summer southwest air flow will help 12 green. The prevailing wind was non existent.  If we can get enough air movement in the valley we might be able to stop using the fan on 12 green.  Even if we still need to use the fan the added air flow will improve one of our weakest greens.  The whole area will be seeded when finished.  The cost to the Club for them to do this clearing is $0.00.  For the Club to do what they did would have cost us a months worth of labor for 4 men or added expense to rent the proper equipment to do the job they did.  This is a win win for the both of us.

 Looking behind 12 green
Looking from 12 green over 13 blue and black tee.  The prevailing wind is in between the condos directly over lake.


     Greens have been rolling real nice lately.  We are mowing greens about 2 days per week. and rolling 3 days.  Last week we spiked and topdress all greens.  Spiking will help with some needed water movement into the green profile.  Yes we are still watering our greens.  Normally we are blowing out our irrigation system this time of year.  Not this season we will keep system charged until Mother Nature says close it.  Greens 10 - 12 are still filling in.  They have come a long way since mid July.  Seeding and plugging is working and they will be back to normal next spring.  Enjoy the warm weather while it last. 

 Top dressing greens
Picture of # 12 late July

Picture # 12 mid November

Bunker update

Schaefer-Meyer has made some great progress on the bunker construction.  Bunkers on 10, 11, 13, 14, and 16 all have drain lines installed and pea gravel covering them.  The  next step is to do some fine tune grading and install the bunker liner.  We are getting real close to getting these holes completed.  # 18 is almost ready to have drain lines cut in and they began to shape the right bunker on # 1.  The way it is looking now they are planning on finishing 10, 11, 13, 14 and 16 and then start to work on the cart paths on holes 9 and 10 before it get too cold. 

 Gravel blanket in 10
 Installing drain lines # 11
 # 13 gravel blanket
 # 14

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Aerial view of # 18

     Here is 3 different aerial photos of 18 bunker from the air.  Love the way this bunker is shaping up.  It is ready for drains to be installed.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016


     We have been busy getting greens ready for winter play.  Dan is cutting 3 cups locations in the greens.  This allows us to move holes to a new location.  The reason we do this is when ground freezes we can not cut a new cup in frozen ground.  Last season we moved our 3 cup locations three times.  We had enough warm time to be able to move cups to new location.  Our course receives quite a bit of winter play.  The cup location can be worn down if we were not able to move locations.  You will see green metal covers covering the extra cups.  Please do not move the cup location.  The Maintenance staff will take care of it.

Cup cover over cup